Philosophy and Goals

Thank you for your interest in my teaching videos. These videos are just springboards to creativity that average from 10 to 20 minutes in length.  They are not finished works of art that students copy. Purposely, I do not expertly finish any of the work demonstrated. Children need ideas to explore on their own, not adult artwork to imitate.  As a teacher of many years, my goal is to give students ideas and basic instruction so that they can  explore drawing and painting on their own.   Using some of my suggestions and practicing on their own, students who are interested can develop proficiency in drawing and painting if they have the desire.  Practice is the key.  Encouragement and other family members trying the same concepts will show that each child or adult will have a different outcome even with the same instructions.  This develops the excited and creative heart of a child who has been blessed by God with the desire to create.  We are made in His image, therefore we all create in our own way, in art, or music or with whatever gifts God has given us. The universe is God’s University!  As students begin to explore His Universe-ity and apply these lessons, my hope is that they will take the ideas much further than my limited teaching could ever go.