Classes offered for Purchase

Please register for free Beginner Drawing classes by leaving your email on the first page of this website. These classes are very basic, for younger students who have not had any instruction. The free videos will be sent out once a week for 3 months. Summer classes have already started and registration is closed.

Registration for Fall classes will begin in August. All Beginner Classes are for ages 8-10 . There is no experience necessary. Beginner Portraits, Perspective and Painting are now offered at an introductory rate of $75. for a 12 week class delivered once a week by email. Intermediate Classes are for ages 10-and up- and are offered for $95. for a 12 week class. Intermediate classes are for beginners who have a basic knowledge of shading and shadowing, perspective and drawing. Classes will only be offered for 3 month courses, in June then again in September and again in February. More classes will be added with ongoing development of curriculum.

Please email if you have any questions. Thanks!

Free Basic Beginner Drawing – Introduction to Line, Shape, Color, Value and Texture. Free with registration for limited time only.

  1. Wire Line Design
  2. Drawing Trees with Line
  3. Drawing Trees with Negative Space
  4. Blind Contour with Toys
  5. Drawing Upside Down
  6. Shading and Shadowing, Light source and Observation
  7. Shading on a Round Surface with Color Value
  8. Upside down with Shading
  9. Shading on an Angular Surface
  10. Simplifying Shapes
  11. Texture rubbings
  12. Final drawing, using Line, Shape, Value and

Beginner Drawing – Portraits/People

  1. Gestures and the Gesture Game
  2. Gesture and Simplifying Shapes with Degas
  3. Blind contour of the Hand Drawing
  4. Negative Space Drawing
  5. Movement, Fast Gesture and Slow Contour
  6. Portraits – the Eyes and Facial symmetry
  7. Portraits – Drawing the nose and mouth
  8. Portraits – Axis of the Head and the Mona Lisa
  9. Erasure Portraits – Seeing the Light
  10. Facial anatomy and Proportion
  11. Creative Portraits
  12. Final Portrait

Beginner Drawing – Perspective

  1. Drawing in 3D – Shape and Value
  2. Building a 2D Sculpture with 3D Shapes
  3. One Point Perspective, the Cityscape
  4. One Point Perspective – Hallway Interior
  5. Perspective with Lettering –
    Designing a Billboard
  6. Unusual Perspective – Looking Down
  7. Two Point Perspective , Cityscape
  8. Two point perspective, Your Name
  9. Placement of the Horizon Line in Landscapes
  10. Atmospheric Perspective with Value
  11. Atmospheric Perspective with Color
  12. Final Drawing using Perspective

Beginner Acrylic Painting

  1. Supplies and the Color Wheel
  2. Painting 3D on 2D Surface, Light Source and Value
  3. Color Value – Contrasting Values in Florals
  4. Monochromatic Contrast in Winter Landscape
  5. Painting Animals from Shapes
  6. Upside Down Painting with Van Gogh
  7. Mixing Colors with Monet, Extended Image
  8. Close Up and Far Away, Space and Value
  9. Texture and Tools – Palette knife and toothbrushes
  10. Value Patterns and John James Audubon
  11. Painting Sunrise and Sunsets
  12. Final Painting

Intermediate Pastel Painting

  1. Supplies and Assignment, History of Impressionism
  2. Underpainting and Value Patterns
  3. Complimentary and Analogous Color Schemes in the Landscape
  4. Using Temperature and Intensity in a Floral Still Life
  5. Importance of Shape and Contrast
  6. Shape and Texture in Animals
  7. Learning from the Masters – Pissaro and Value, Sunlight and Shadow
  8. Learning from the Masters – Cezanne and Shape
  9. Learning from the Masters – Sisley and Aerial Perspective
  10. Learning from the Masters – Monet and Color Schemes
  11. Learning from the Masters – Monet and Texture
  12. Making it Yours – Photographing Light

Intermediate Watercolor Painting

  1. Supplies and Watercolor Techniques
  2. Watercolor Technique Chart
  3. Painting Skies and Clouds – Wet on wet, washes and lifting
  4. Painting Snow and Fog – Wet on dry, salt and miskit
  5. Painting Trees- Sponging, scumbling, scratching, rigger
  6. Bringing it together in a Landscape
  7. Painting Water and Reflections – Wet on wet, wax
  8. Painting Rocks, – scratching, wet on dry, splattering
  9. Bringing it together in a Seascape
  10. Learning from the Masters – Winslow Homer
  11. Learning from the Masters – Andrew Wyeth
  12. Learning from the Masters – Frank Webb